Embarrass me, will ya?

Former US Vice President Dan Quayle can relax a bit now: Another public figure has made a gaffe as obvious as any he ever uttered. It happened last week in Canada when Ontario Education Minister Gerard Kennedy was discussing an imminent strike vote by unionized public elementary school teachers. "I think 'strike' is a bit of a four-letter word in education, and that gets people nervous," he said. Alas, as someone quickly pointed out, "strike" is a six- letter word. Drawing on the full dignity of his office, Kennedy retorted: "Pardon me ... but it really is a tough word in education. Then he added, "Thank you - show off!" Quayle still hasn't quite lived down once trying to correct a student's accurate spelling of "potato" by insisting that there should be an "e" on the end.

Dog dish as important as fine china at White House

Ever since President George Washington, who kept French hounds, dogs have been frequent occupants of the White House. The last 10 presidents and their pet dogs (by breed):

Dwight Eisenhower Heidi (Weimaraner)
John F. Kennedy Charlie (Welsh terrier)
Lyndon Johnson Beagle and Little Beagle Blanco (white Collie) Yuki (mongrel)
Richard Nixon Vicky (poodle) Pasha (terrier) King Timahoe (Irish setter)
Gerald Ford Liberty (Golden retriever)
Jimmy Carter Grits (mongrel)
Ronald Reagan Lucky (Bouvier des Flandres) Rex (King Charles Cavalier Spaniel)
George H.W. Bush Millie (Springer Spaniel) Ranger (Springer Spaniel)
Bill Clinton Buddy (Labrador Retriever)
George W. Bush Spot (English Springer Spaniel) Barney (Scottish Terrier) Miss Beazley (Scottish Terrier)

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