Times change, you know?

"Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to strawberry fields ... strawberry fields forever," the Beatles sang in their hit of the same name. But that was 37 years ago, when the Salvation Army facility in Liverpool, England, that served as the inspiration for the song was in its heyday as a home for orphans. It was near John Lennon's boyhood residence, and legend has it that he'd visit occasionally to play with the residents. Alas, it seems Strawberry Fields and "forever" no longer belong in the same sentence. Earlier this month, the charity announced it's closing the place due to the new dynamics of child welfare. A statement said: "It is now preferable for children to be cared for within a foster family or in a small group home rather than within large institutions."

Second-term shakeup gives Cabinet a new look

Just as at a ballgame, having a scorecard may be the best way to keep track of the changes President Bush is making to his cabinet. In all, nine of the 15 secretaries are being replaced, two more than Bill Clinton replaced for his second term. New cabinet choices must be confirmed by the US Senate, and even though lawmakers often like to make them squirm under tough questioning, Bush's nominees all are expected to receive approval. The roster of second-term appointees, with holdovers in bold type:

State Condoleezza Rice
Defense Donald Rumsfeld
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
Treasury John Snow
Agriculture Mike Johanns
Commerce Carlos Gutierrez
Education Margaret Spellings
Energy Sam Bodman
Health Michael Leavitt
Homeland Security Michael Chertoff
Housing Alphonso Jackson
Interior Gale Norton
Labor Elaine Chao
Transportation Norman Mineta
Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson
- Associated Press

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