Animals in hiding

See if you can identify the animal homonyms that are hiding (or hibernating, perhaps) in the rhymes below.

1. A one or single, a match for a doe; what horses do when they won't go.

2. A tool for drains, an oil or pit; a limbless crawler, a treacherous wit.

3. In tree or pond, its legs some eat. On horses' hooves make padded feet.

4. What lashes do in a flirty way; a belfry flier, a club for play.

5. A curl or lock, a Broadway show. With hounds, a pursuit; a cottontail, no.

6. Reveal the facts, and not a "bull." In the buff; irascible.

BONUS: Which four of the animals in this quiz hibernate?


(1) buck; (2) snake; (3) frog; (4) bat; (5) hair, "Hair," hare (a jackrabbit is a hare, but a cottontail is a rabbit); (6) bare, bear, bare, bear.


frog, bat, bear, and snake.

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