We expected better of you

From the state of Kedah in northern Malaysia comes word that Hasmawi Hassan has been fired from his job because, even though he's a pro-soccer star, his employer is "shocked" at his behavior. Did he incite a crowd to violence? Or abuse drugs? Or cheat on his taxes? No, but he has been a bit of a cad - backing out on his bride-to-be on their wedding day ... as hundreds of guests waited for the ceremony to begin. And he did so, not to her face, but by leaving a text message on her cellphone. Such conduct, team officials said, tarnishes its image as well as the state's.

This Prince is certainaly no pauper as a concert star

No pop performer outdid Prince at the box office in 2004. His 69-city, 96-show "Musicology" tour grossed $87.4 million, making him No. 1 on the money chart, according to Pollstar, the concert-business trade publication. Runner-up Celine Dion, worked more shows (154) but did hardly any traveling, performing at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The artist who cost the most to see, on average, was Elton John, at $158. The highest-grossing stars in millions of dollars:

1. Prince $87.4
2. Celine Dion $80.4
3. Madonna $79.5
4. Metallica $60.5
5. Bette Midler $59.4
6. Van Halen $54.3
7. Kenny Chesney $50.8
8. Sting $50.1
9. Toby Keith $43.7
10. Elton John $43.3
11. Rod Stewart $42.5
12. Dave Matthews Band $41.2
13. Tim McGraw $40.1
14. Jimmy Buffet $34.6
15. Shania Twain $34.5
16. Alan Jackson/Martina McBride $34.0
17. Cher $29.1 (tie) Usher
19. Eric Clapton $29.0
20. Josh Groban $28.0

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