Hey, just put up a wreath

Robin Adams thought she was building Christmas spirit when she decorated her home with lights that don't just burn brightly but also play traditional carols. She'd leave them on for three or so hours a night, but out of consideration for the neighbors - especially those who are elderly - they were turned off before 12 o'clock. A thoughtful gesture, right? Only to her sense, apparently. Last week, the Blenheim, New Zealand, resident was visited by the town's noise-control officer, who'd been hearing from the neighbors, and it seems they had a special request. What they wanted - and you probably can see where this is going - was silent night ... with a lower-case "s" and "n." Oh, yes, and they also said they could do without the lights.

'Jeopardy!' is second only to which TV game show?

Before Ken Jennings, a computer software engineer from Salt Lake City, set a record recently for the longest winning streak in TV game-show history, "Jeopardy!" was a classic. His 75 consecutive appearances heightened interest in the show on which contestants provide the questions after they're given the answer. Jennings' streak ended after 2,700 correct responses when he was given this answer: Most of this firm's 70,000 seasonal white-collar employees work only four months a year. "What is Fed Ex?" was his incorrect comeback. Challenger Nancy Zerg, a California realtor, was correct when she said, "What is H&R Block?" Although hugely popular, "Jeopardy!" ranks behind "The Price Is Right" as the all-time greatest game show, according to TV Guide magazine. The top shows, as rated by the magazine:

1. "The Price Is Right"
2. "Jeopardy"
3. "G.E. College Bowl"
4. "Password
5. "What's My Line?"
6. "$25,000 Pyramid"
7. "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"
8. "Masquerade Party"
9. "To Tell the Truth"
10. "Match Game"

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