Look, there's a jelly-filled!

What could Swatara Township, Pa., and faraway Lacombe, La., possibly have in common? Answer: Police recovered stolen trucks - in Swatara earlier this month; in Lacombe two years ago - by following identical clues that the thieves unknowingly left as they drove. Both were Krispy Kreme delivery vans whose rear doors had been left open, spilling the freshly baked goodies on the street.

When it comes to honesty, Americans look to nurses

No other career grades higher with Americans than nursing for honesty and ethical standards, according to results of the Gallup organization's latest annual survey on the subject. Almost 80 percent of respondents said nurses ranked "high" or "very high" on this basis. Indeed, public servants in various fields did well - certainly better than lawyers, politicians, and news reporters, each of whose professions ranked near the bottom. Last on the list: car salesmen. The top 10 finishers in Gallup's honesty and ethics poll:

1. Nurses
2. Elementary school teachers
3. Druggists, pharmacists
4. Military officers
5. Medical doctors
6. Police officers
7. The clergy
8. Judges
9. Day-care providers
10. Bankers

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