We have a motion to adjourn

"We've just run our course," Bernard Kensky of Quakertown, Pa., lamented as the organization he led pulled the plug on itself last week after 24 years of sponsoring activities for young people. Alas, too few - kids or members - cared enough anymore to participate in its bowling league, bicycle derby, or even chapter meetings. "I don't know why people stopped getting involved," Kensky went on. "I feel sad." The organization? The Optimists Club.

Hey, watch this triple lutz!

If you'll be in Paris this winter you can visit the Eiffel Tower and get in a little ice skating at the same time. Really. Tower operators have reopened a rink that closed 35 years ago. It's relatively small, but the chief appeal is that it's 187 feet up - on a landing that offers a breathtaking view of the city. No worry about toppling overboard, either. "All security measures are in place," an official said.

Fresh-scrubbed look still sells at job interview time

College seniors nearing graduation and entry into the job market might want to keep a comb and fingernail clipper handy. Reason: Personal appearance definitely counts in the interview process, according to more than 200 employers who participated in the Job Outlook 2005 survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. In compiling job-search advice for prospective graduates, the association concludes that cleanliness and conservative attire are assets. Respondents ranked various appearance factors as being a strong influence, a slight influence, or of no influence on an inter- viewee's suitability for employment. The top factors, based on the percentage who said each was a strong influence:

1. Grooming 70%
2. Nontraditional attire 49%
3. Nontraditional hair color (tie) Body piercing 32%
5. Handshake (tie) Obvious tattoos 28%
7. Unusual hairstyle 22%
8. Earring (male) 14%
9. Beard 3%
10. Mustache 1%

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