Kidspace: Animal offspring quiz

What could a wolf and an otter possibly have in common? They both have offspring that are called whelps! We know that a dog has a pup and a fox has a kit. But what other animals have pups and kits? Can you match these animal parents to their offspring?

Animal Parent

1. bear
2. deer
3. goat
4. giraffe
5. wolf
6. goose
7. kangaroo
8. pig
9. seal
10. swan
11. hawk


a. eyas
b. cygnet
c. pup
d. joey
e. farrow
f. cub
g. kid
h. fawn
i. gosling
j. kit
k. calf

ANSWERS (Note: Some animals have several names for their young).

1. f (cub), same for a fox, lion, wolf, and tiger (and a young reporter!)
2. h (fawn)
3. g (kid)
4. k (calf), same for a cow, elephant, deer, seal, rhino, and whale
5. j (kit), same for a beaver, cat, and rabbit
6. i (gosling)
7. d (joey)
8. e (farrow); a pig may also have a shoat or a piglet
9. c (pup), same for a dog, seal, fox, beaver, and coyote
10. b (cygnet)
11. a (eyas)

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