It's over. Get used to it.

There are men who take it hard when the women in their lives fall out of love. Then there's the graffiti artist on the Med-iterranean island of Cyprus who seems to think everyone else should share in his heartbreak. For weeks now, drivers on the heavily traveled highway between Paphos and Limassol have been subjected to each rise and fall in his mood via the messages he spray-paints on its overpasses. "Andri, come back!" one implored. Said another: "It broke my heart to see you with someone else." Nor does it do any good to scrub off the messages; he just inscribes new ones. No word yet on whether they're having the slightest effect on Andri.

Football championships elude some NFL teams

In football, as in baseball, pro teams can endure some long dry spells waiting for their first (or next) championships. Case in point: the Boston Red Sox, who two weeks ago ended their 86-year World Series victory drought. No National Football League team can top that, but the Arizona Cardinals come closest. The franchise hasn't won a league crown since 1947, when its home base was Chicago. That's the longest wait any of the league's 32 franchises has had to endure, either to win a Super Bowl or an NFL or American Football League title in the years before the leagues merged. The most patience-tested NFL teams, their years as also-rans, and cities (in parentheses) they've represented, if different from their current locations:

1. Arizona Cardinals (Chicago, St. Louis ) 57
2. St. Louis Rams (Los Angeles)53
3. Detroit Lions 47
4. Philadelphia Eagles 44
5. Minnesota Vikings* 43
6. San Diego Chargers (Los Angeles) 41
7. Buffalo Bills 40
8. Kansas City Chiefs Atlanta Falcons* 38
10. New Orleans Saints* 37
*never won a league championship

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