Tad Devine and Doug Sosnik

Senior Kerry campaign advisers Tad Devine and Doug Sosnik were Wednesday's guests. Here are excerpts from their remarks:

On the election outcome:

(Devine) "I believe John Kerry is in a strong position to win a clear victory next Tuesday. The incumbent president is in a weak position."

On the worst moment for the Kerry campaign:

(Devine) "The low point for us ... was having to endure several weeks of unanswered 'incoming' [from the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth] in the free- media environment, which was deeply affected by a paid media presence at a time when we had no paid media presence. That was obviously a difficult stretch for us. But I think the decision to do what we did at the time, which was to save the resources for this point in time, was the right one. And that decision will either be vindicated next Tuesday or highly questioned."

On the governing climate a new president will face:

(Sosnik) "The government has been somewhat paralyzed for the past three years. A lot has not gotten done and a lot of people participated ... on both sides of the aisle in not getting things done. There will be tremendous pressure on all the elected officials a week from now to get things done, and I think that if they don't they will pay a serious price politically at the ballot box with voters."

On what the Kerry campaign worries about most:

(Devine) "We have to be worried about the unknown, which are events occurring in the real world, which we would have no control over. You try to worry about the things you can control and not spend a lot of time worrying about the things you can't control."

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