He's big on family values

There are presidential polls, and then there's the new survey taken by Britain's Radio Times on which TV character should be the next occupant of the Oval Office. It attracted more than 2,000 replies. The clear winner: Homer Simpson.

Candidate Nader: Back for another presidential try

Despite the constant urgings of Democrats that he not run, Ralph Nader will be on the Nov. 2 presidential ballot in more than 30 states. Whether that will tip the balance to the Republican candidate, as it helped to do in 2000, when he was blamed for siphoning off enough votes from Al Gore to put George W. Bush in the White House, remains to be seen. Nader may receive only a fraction of the popular vote, but, if nothing else, he will uphold the tradition of third-party or independent candidates. Those who've entered the fray against Republicans and Democrats since World War II and received at least 1 million votes, with their party affiliations and totals (in millions):

1948 Strom Thurmond 1.1 (States' Rights Party)
Henry Wallace 1.1 (Progressive Party)
1968 George Wallace 9.9(American Independent Party)
1972 John Schmitz 1.1 (American Party)
1980 John Anderson 5.7 (Independent)
1992 Ross Perot 19.7 (Independent)
1996 Ross Perot 8.1 (Reform Party)
2000 Ralph Nader 2.9 (Green Party)

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