Hearing double

Homonyms sound alike but may be spelled differently. How many can you hear here ... and spell? (For instance, Moby Dick's cry is a 'whale wail' and a funny bone is a 'humorous humerus.')

1. Crunchy cobbler

2. Rhubarb pie

3. Shakespeare prohibited

4. Poem that's not paid for

5. Sea captain's special

6. Quiet parent

7. Large ungulate's dessert

8. Beloved Bambi

9. A bumpy ride

10. Eeyore's story

11. Nostalgia for the fog

12. Mountaintop view

13. Blunt Continental cash

14. Lovely carriage

15. Not an easy bridge hand

16. No Beatles allowed

17. Odd emporium

18. Counting all you see, smell, hear, taste, and feel

19. A so-so carnival

20. Fashionable raisin


(1) Crisp crisp; (2) Tart tart; (3) Barred Bard; (4) Owed ode; (5) Sail sale; (6) Mum mum; (7) Moose mousse; (8) Dear deer; (9) Coarse course; (10) Tail tale; (11) Missed mist; (12) Peak peek; (13) Frank franc; (14) Handsome hansom; (15) Rough ruff; (16) Banned band; (17) Bizarre bazaar; (18) Senses census; (19) Fair fair; (20) Current currant.

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