Sorry, I just can't afford it

Imagine that you live in, say, Chicago, and friends from out of town ask you to show them the sights. So you do and are arrested and fined. Couldn't happen, you say? It did last week in Rome and cost Giovanna Pizzorno almost $220. Undercover police turned up as her party reached the famous Trevi Fountain. No, she didn't try to demonstrate how actress Anita Ekberg frolicked in it in the classic 1960 movie "La Dolce Vita." But she was accused of violating a law that aims to protect the livelihoods of licensed professional guides. About 1,000 people a year are similarly caught at city landmarks.

It wasn't me!

Speaking of the law, France's justice minister has pleaded not guilty even though his car was caught breaking the posted speed limit. A chauffeur was driving, Dominique Perben said. The incident attracted more than the usual attention because it happened during Highway Safety Week.

Down-to-the-wire finishes in World Series history

Baseball fans who love drama may wish that the World Series between St. Louis and Boston goes the distance, as occurred the two previous times they met - in 1946 and 1967 - when the Cardinals won in seven games. In all, the World Series has gone to a seventh game more than 30 times. On only six occasions, though, has the "fall classic" been decided in the ninth inning or in extra innings of the seventh game. Those years, the teams involved, and the game-winning hit and when it occurred:
1924 Washington Senators over New York Giants (single in bottom of 12th)
1960 Pittsburgh Pirates over New York Yankees (home run in bottom of 9th)
1975 Cincinnati Reds over Boston Red Sox (single in top of 9th)
1991 Minnesota Twins over Atlanta Braves (single in bottom of 10th)
1997 Florida Marlins over Cleveland Indians (single in bottom of 11th)
2001 Arizona Diamondbacks over New York Yankees (single in bottom of 9th)

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