Trashy trompe l'oeil made me look twice

On one of my shooting-in-the-woods expeditions, a glint of red caught my eye and I thought: "Oh! A mushroom - the kind that's one of the first signs of fall. It's even been partially eaten by some animal!" My enthusiasm nose-dived when this flash of fall turned out to be a plastic drinking-cup shard. Bah. No need to record this litter. Minutes later, however, I found the type of mushroom I thought I'd seen before - gnaw marks and all. After kneeling on a mat of leaves and pine needles to get close to it for a photo, I looped back, looking for the plastic version. I figured pairing the impostor (above, left) with the real thing (right) might be interesting. In the end, I made a home for a discard in a diptych.

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