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Ever rented a deposit box at your local bank, secure in the notion that your valuables were fully protected? Well, so did dozens of DBS Bank customers in Hong Kong - at least until two weekends ago. That's when a renovation contractor literally emptied the vault, ripping out 920 of the boxes and hauling them to a junkyard, where a crushing machine awaited. Alas, 83 of them still held cash, jewelry, important documents, or objects of sentimental value. An exhaustive search has turned up only 36 that weren't reduced to scrap. At a minimum, DBS estimates that reimbursing renters for their losses will cost $1.6 million. No word yet on whether those responsible still have jobs.

Colleges that buck trend and resist going coed

All-male colleges have all but disappeared, and the number of women's colleges in the United States continues to shrink. In 1980, there were 120 of the latter; now, fewer than 60 exist. Recently, students at Wells College in Aurora, N.Y., protested a decision to admit male students next year via a siege of the administration building. But trustees view the change as necessary to lift enrollment above 400. The largest single-sex four-year colleges, their undergraduate enrollments, and locations:


1. Smith College 2,600 Northampton, Mass.
2. Wellesley College 2,300Wellesley, Mass. Barnard College New York City
4. Mount Holyoke College South Hadley, Mass. 2,100
5. College of St. Benedict Collegeville, Minn. 1,963
1. Morehouse College 3,000 Atlanta
2. St. John's University 1,865 Collegeville, Minn.
2. Hampden-Sydney College Hampden-Sydney, Va. 1,026
3. Wabash College 858 Crawfordsville, Ind.
4. Hobart College 835 Geneva, N.Y.
- AP, College Admission Services, UnivSource

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