Nancy Pelosi

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D) of California was last Friday's guest. Here are excerpts from her remarks:

On White House strategist Karl Rove saying that Republicans will pick up four Senate seats and seven House seats Nov. 2, and that John Kerry is competitive in a declining number of states:

"No, I don't see that at all. I like the fact that Karl Rove has set such a very high standard for the Republicans. Now let's see what he does about that. It certainly would be better if [Democrats] had a bigger lead at the presidential level. There is no question there is some impact from the presidential race on our [House] races."

On whether, in presidential debates, viewers will find John Kerry likable enough to vote for:

"I think that Kerry will pass that threshold. He is gracious and he's a gentleman and the rest. I think he has to get on down a little more."

On the contrast between house Democrats issuing a call Wednesday for eliminating deficit spending and then Thursday going along with a Republican bill extending tax cuts:

"I tell my colleagues, 'When they [Republicans] act politically, you respond politically.'"

On prospects that an intelligence reform bill will pass this year:

"There are very serious interests that are impacted by this legislation in terms of who is in control of what - whether it is the airplanes or the budget or the human assets.... There is a tremendous inertia in the Congress to move on a bill like this [coming from Republican leaders]. Not the good inertia."

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