The authenticity of documents shown by CBS News in a program on President Bush's military service was disputed in a controversy that intensified over the weekend. On Saturday, retired Maj. Gen. Bobby Hodges, who the network said could substantiate paper records that "sugar coat" Bush's Air National Guard record, told The Washington Post he was misled and believed the documents to be fake. The dispute centers on whether the typewritten pages were consisent with machines available in the early 1970s.

Bells tolled at special services and observances across the nation Saturday on the third anniversary of the terrorist attacks that killed 2,973 people. In New York, the names of victims at the World Trade Center site were read and, at night, two shafts of lights rose where the twin towers once stood.

With a three-year statute of limitations about to expire, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said late last week that it would join a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia and almost 100 other defendants, including Osama bin Laden, in the 2001, terrorist attacks. "We have a responsibility to millions of people who live and work in the region," a Port Authority spokesman said of its decision to join Cantor Fitzgerald Securities, a bond trading firm that lost 658 of its 1,050 employees in the attacks, as a plaintiff. The suit accuses Saudi Arabia of supporting Al Qaeda with cash, safe houses, weapons, and money-laundering. The Riyadh government denied the charge, pointing to a 9/11 commission conclusion that it did not fund Al Qaeda.

The Florida Keys were virtually deserted Sunday as tourists and 79,000 residents sought refuge on the mainland from the approach of hurricane Ivan. Ivan would be the third Category 4 or 5 storm (after Charley and Frances) to hit the Sunshine State since mid-August, although there was a possibility that it could miss the keys and veer west into the Gulf of Mexico. About 473,000 homes and businesses still lacked power Saturday on Florida's east coast, where Frances struck Sept. 5.

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