Stealing 'The Scream'

The famous painting isn't exactly the type most people want in their home. The image is too grim and full of existential angst.

And yet the theft of "The Scream" from an Oslo museum on Sunday has led to a worldwide search for its recovery.

Painted in 1894 by Edvard Munch, "The Scream" depicts an alien-like human gasping in horror for no apparent reason. Valued at over $50 million, it's come to symbolize both the 20th century's terrible wars and the internal turmoil of modern life. The image is widely used (with humorous irony) on T-shirts and punching dolls.

Those who stole it should look at it closely. The dark image of humanity isn't one people want to dwell on, just as many thieves often turn away from hurting others. Humanity more often than not prefers hope and honesty.

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