Hidden nations

Each sentence below conceals a country: You just have to read between the words. Example: The foreigner ate lunCH IN A nearby cafe (China).

1. The rock star was somewhat of an icon, going to great lengths to get attention.

2. The toppled spire landed next to the church doorway, but caused no injuries.

3. That olden marketplace used to be on the outskirts of town.

4. 'How nice, landing on my feet again,' purred the tabby.

5. The restaurant served supper until 9 o'clock.

6. Many people saw an innocence in Diana of Wales.

7. Certain, or wayward, young adults find their paths later in life.

8. The cashier went to scan a dairy item, but the label was missing.


(1) Congo (2) Ireland (3) Denmark (4) Iceland (5) Peru (6) India (7) Norway (8) Canada

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