Elephants need not apply

Florissant, Colo., has re-elected Paco Bell, a donkey, as its mayor. Paco Bell won re-election against two no-shows and a white donkey named Birdie. The town, part of an unincorporated area between Divide and Lake George, elects a donkey each year as part of its annual Heritage Days spoof of two-legged politicians.

For minority friendliness, McDonald's is unmatched

For the second straight year Fortune magazine has named McDonald's as the best company for minorities. In doing so, it cites McDonald's for having the highest minority-retention rate on its list and for the effort McDonald's makes to purchase from minority vendors. The top 10 list of minority-friendly companies:

1. McDonald's
2. Fannie Mae
3. Sempra Energy
4. Union Bank
5. Denny's restaurants
6. US Postal Service
7. Pepsico
8. Southern California Edison
9. Freddie Mac
10. PNM Resources

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