Talk like the animals

Many Creatures have earned reputations in our language, for better or for worse. For example, what creature are we talking about when we say that we've won a contest by a large margin? A skunk! (The expressions is 'to skunk an opponent.') What about when we endure a hot day? We 'bear' up! See if you can find the animals in the following definitions and bring them to light. In other words, can you 'ferret' out the animals here? Check your answers below.

1. to mimic
2. to complain
3. to inform on
4. to exaggerate or intimidate
5. to boast in triumph
6. to dodge by lowering the head
7. to put in a category
8. to close an envelope
9. to hoard, store
10. to carry a person on one's back
11. to fool around or play jokes
12. to refuse a dare
13. to search by dredging, diving, or cunning
14. to evade duty by trickery
15. to pay up


(1) ape
(2) grouse or crab
(3) rat
(4) buffalo or bull
(5) crow
(6) duck
(7) pigeon (hole)
(8) seal
(9) squirrel (away)
(10) piggy (back)
(11) horse or monkey (around)
(12) chicken (out)
(13) fish
(14) weasel or worm (out)
(15) pony (up)

Sources: The World Book Dictionary, Webster's Dictionary

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