An unintended benefit

As the Aug. 13 start of the Olympic Summer Games in Greece draws nearer, so does the relay that is bearing the ceremonial flame to Athens. Just last week, for example, it arrived on the Mediterranean island of Crete. So what? you ask. Well, as the runners carried the torch across the mountainous landscape, a police helicopter shadowed them - and its crew spotted acres of marijuana plants that were visible only from the air. Word was relayed to the ground, and it took an antidrug unit three days to uproot more than 6,500 of them.

Names - as well as wares - Make these companies big

The tendency of consumers to stick with familiar brands often drives sales, which is why a company such as Sony works hard to sell its identity as well as its Playstations, camcorders, and other electronic products. Sony's success has made it No. 1 in the latest survey by the Harris Poll of "best brands" - a spot it has captured five straight years and seven of the last 10. The survey asked 1,236 adults across the US to identify the three brands they considered best. The top 10 vote-getters, in order:

1. Sony
2. Coca-Cola
3. Dell Computer
4. Kraft Foods
5. Toyota
6. Ford
7. Honda
8. Procter & Gamble
9. General Electric
10. General Motors

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