Why, it just isn't natural!

Environmentalists have been known to become upset over all sorts of issues: logging in national forests, drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, bathing Germany's highest mountain in purple light. Purple light? Yah. Over the objection of local activists - and as part of a fund-raising promotion - a leading maker of Swiss chocolates has been issued a permit to train 140 spotlights in its trademark color on the 9,600-foot-high Zug-spitze next Friday ... for about 45 minutes. The company has agreed to cover the cost of any damage that the project may cause. But that wasn't enough to satisfy one opponent. "We are," he griped, "entangled in a web of money-grabbers and in danger of putting a price on nature."

Driving force: Classic car models buyers still want

The Mustang has been called Ford's "halo" - a bright light in the automaker's sales over the past four decades. In 2003, it was the only one of Ford's six car models with positive sales numbers. Overall, 8 million people have owned these performance vehicles despite the drastic design changes they've undergone over the years. Still, the Mustang is a veritable infant compared with other vehicle models that have stood the test of time with buyers. Those that have remained in production and the year each was introduced:

Mustang 1964
Chevrolet Corvette 1953
Ford F-Series 1948
Chrysler Town & Country 1941
Lincoln Continental 1940
Buick Century 1936
Chevrolet Suburban 1935
- Society of Automotive Historians:

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