Find the hidden cities

Reading between the lines is one thing, reading between the words is another. Find the city name hidden in each sentence below. Ex: Is the maiden very fair? (Denver.)

1. Five over par isn't a great golf score.

2. Are beans that snap less mature?

3. Will good grades in math ensure good College Board scores?

4. The young driver was going too slowly.

5. During that recent thunderstorm, did you hear a bang or see a flash?

6. 'Fasten your sandal, lassie,' Uncle Sean said.

7. The artist used an amber linseed oil to thin his paints.

8. The young man was in limbo, stone-broke, and living with his parents.

9. She put together a bouquet of cosmos, cowslips, and daisies.

10. Our garden soil is bone-dry and not ready for planting.

ANSWERS: (1) Paris; (2) Naples, Italy; (3) Athens; (4) Oslo, Norway; (5) Bangor, Maine; (6) Dallas; (7) Berlin; (8) Boston; (9) Moscow; (10) Lisbon.

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