A Week's Worth

• Scam doesn't pay: Richard Strong, founder of the Strong mutual fund family, agreed to a fine and to be barred for life from the industry for using improper trading schemes on his own funds. His supposed gains: $1.8 million. His fine: $60 million. His firm, Strong Capital Management, will pay another $80 million in fines.

• Housing slows: Builders broke ground on 2.1 percent fewer residences in April than in March. Even so, analysts say residential construction remains strong.

• Update: Following our May 10 cover story on shortages of seasonal foreign workers, eight Cape Cod businesses sued federal and state agencies to force them to increase the number of temporary workers' visas. The suit claims that the rules unfairly kept the companies from applying for workers before the visa cap was reached.

• Take that holiday! You might want to max out on your summer vacation. In a survey of 571 employees, 43 percent said their biggest mistake was not taking enough time off, according to OfficeTeam, a staffing-service firm.

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