Sorry, Your Majesty

What is it that most makes Britons ... British? Of 100 possibilities - among them the monarchy - in a poll conducted for a beverage company, fish and chips and roast beef with Yorkshire pudding tied for first, at 73 percent of respondents.

Newspaper readership: it's down, except where it's up

As media choices have proliferated, readership of newspapers hasn't. In the latest six-month reporting period, ending March 31, only 37 percent of US newspapers reported gains to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Overall, however, readership was virtually unchanged (down 0.1 percent). The Wall Street Journal experienced the largest gain - 15 percent - but that resulted from including almost half of 695,000 online subscribers who paid more than 25 percent of the cost of the print edition. The largest dailies, their circulations, and percentage of change since the last reporting period:

1. USA Today 2,280,761 +2.2%
2. The Wall Street Journal 2,101,017 +15.4%
3. The New York Times 1,133,763 +0.3%
4. The Los Angeles Times 983,727 +0.4%
5. The Washington Post 772,553 -3.0%
6. The New York Daily News 747,053 +1.4%
7. New York Post 678,012 +9.3%
8. Chicago Tribune 614,548 -1.0%
9. Newsday (Long Island) 580,346 +0.2%
10. Houston Chronicle 549,300 +0.1%

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