Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore, president of the Club for Growth, was Monday's guest. Here are excerpts from his remarks:

On the political divide in the US:

"The Northeast has become this very liberal, heavily Democratic region ... where Republicans are sort of dying out. But Republicans are making up for that by huge gains in the South and the West.... The country is more regionally ideologically divided today than perhaps any other time since the Civil War."

On the club's mission:

"Our primary mission is not so much to elect people but to really affect policy outcomes and to get in place economic policies like tax reduction and private accounts for Social Security."

On his plans for 2004:

"[We're] collecting donations to start doing voter-education ads on the records of Kerry and Bush. We will probably be on the air sometime in the next couple of weeks ... [in] Arkansas, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania - any of those states that were decided by four points in the 2000 election."

On raising money for such ads:

"We have already raised several million, and it didn't take a lot of effort.... These people who used to give a million dollars to the party can't do that anymore [and] are looking for new outlets.... I think we can raise $15 million or so."

On John Kerry as a presidential candidate:

"Kerry has a big bull's-eye on his chest. It is such a target- rich environment. I think Kerry is an incredibly flawed candidate. I think he is going to wear like Michael Dukakis did [and] Bush will win pretty handily."

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