Are there any pickles in it?

If you were wandering around hungry in Mexico City's main square last Saturday, you were in the right place. As a promotion, food shop employees had just finished crafting a sandwich of ham, cheese, lettuce, and mayo between 11-1/2-foot-square "slices" of bread. It weighed 6,991 pounds and - after being certified as history's biggest by the Guinness Book of World Records - was cut into bites for passersby.

Honey, when are you gonna go out and mow the lawn?

Spring is turning the grass in homeowners' yards thick again and ready for the year's first manicure. And Dad (or maybe the family's teenager), will have a range of options to complete the task: a hand-, gasoline-, or electric-powered mower; a ride-around model; even one that hovers. Lawncare, says the April issue of This Old House magazine, is an $8 billion-a-year industry, and still the innovations keep coming. Soon, it says, grass will be cut with lasers. The evolution of the lawn mower:

1830: Reel mower is patented in England (replacing the scythe)
1902: First internal combustion engine ride-on mower
1919: First gasoine-powered walk-behind mower
1925: First electric mower
1931: First US patent is issued for a rotary mower (requires fewer blades and they stay sharper longer than reel blades)
1963: Deere & Co. develops the residential lawn tractor
1964: First hovering mower (FlyMo by Electrolux) is sold
1995: First robotic mower

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