2003 Pulitzer Prize winners

Public Service: The New York Times for its study of death and injury in the workplace
Breaking News: The Los Angeles Times for coverage of last fall's California wildfires
Investigative Reporting: Michael Sallah, Mitch Weiss, and Joe Mahr, The Toledo Blade, for their series on atrocities by an elite US Army platoon in the Vietnam War
Explanatory Reporting: Kevin Helliker and Thomas Burton, The Wall Street Journal, examination of aneurysms
Beat Reporting: Daniel Golden, The Wall Street Journal
National Reporting: The Los Angeles Times for its examination of the business tactics that made Wal-Mart the largest company in the world
International Reporting: Anthony Shadid, The Washington Post, for capturing the emotions of Iraqis as their country was invaded
Commentary: Leonard Pitts Jr., The Miami Herald
Criticism: Dan Neil, The Los Angeles Times
Editorial Writing: William Stall, The Los Angles Times
Editorial Cartooning: Matt Davies, The Journal News (White Plains, N.Y.)
Spot News Photography: David Leeson, Cheryl Diaz Meyer, The Dallas Morning News, for the war in Iraq
Feature Photography: Carolyn Cole, The Los Angeles Times, for their behind-the-scenes look at the civil war in Liberia

Fiction: Edward Jones, "The Known World"
Drama: Doug Wright, "I Am My Own Wife"
History: Steven Hahn, "A Nation Under Our Feet: Black Political Struggles in the Rural South from Slavery to the Great Migration"
Biography: William Taubman, "Kruschchev: The Man and His Era"
Poetry: Franz Wright, "Walking to Martha's Vineyard"
General Nonfiction: Anne Applebaum, "Gulag: A History"
Music: Paul Moravec, "Tempest Fantasy"

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