If we can't, neither can you

Complimenting a woman on her appearance in these delicate times can get a man accused of sexual harassment. But is the reverse ever true? It was last week in Sweden, where an unidentified receptionist is out of a job. "I joked with a client about how handsome he was," she said. That was enough for her employer, who fired her - even though the client hadn't complained.

California's rough riders sit behind steering wheels

In what may come as a surprise to pothole-dodging motorists elsewhere, California is where city streets are most in need of repair. This, according to data gathered by the Federal Highway Administration. They show that, nationally, 25 percent of major road surfaces provide an unacceptable ride quality, based on the International Roughness Index, which factors in broken pavement and distressed underlying foundations. Whatever the cause, rough pavement can be costly for motorists. US cities with the highest percentages of unnacceptable road surfaces and the annual extra costs to vehicle owners (in parentheses) due to driving on them:

1. Los Angeles ($706)
(tie) San Jose, Calif. ($705) 67%
3. San Francisco-Oakland ($674)
(tie) San Diego ($667)61%
5. New Orleans ($617) 51%
6. Sacramento, Calif. ($609) 50%
7. Oklahoma City ($578)
(tie)Kansas City, Kan. ($567) 44%
9. Boston ($606)
(tie) San Bernardino- Riverside, Calif. ($564) 42%

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