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Illuminating questions about bedroom lighting

When it comes to lighting, bedrooms may be the most overlooked rooms in most homes. Dark, after all, is usually the goal. But the American Lighting Association suggests asking the following:

• Can I see well enough to get dressed?

• Is there a light in the closet?

• Are there individual reading lights on each side of the bed?

• Is there an overhead light source?

• Do I have enough light to determine the color of the clothing in my drawers or closets?

Baby sitters on the Web

While still in college and earning extra money by baby sitting, Genevieve Thiers decided there had to be a better way for parents and reliable sitters to connect with one another. So she turned to the Web, founding, which now claims the largest database of college-student baby sitters in the nation. The site has also expanded to include eldercare, pet sitting, and house sitting. One catch: You must live in one of 10 metropolitan areas served by the site: Boston; Chicago; Cleveland/Akron, Ohio; Dallas; Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn.; New York; Providence, R.I.; San Francisco; Seattle; and Worcester, Mass.

What will we call junior?

Do you know any Aidans? If you don't, you may soon. According to, Aidan was the most popular name for boys in 2003 among the more than 100,000 expecting parents who visited the website. Parents have tended to select Celtic and English names for girls in the past 20 years, and biblical names for boys. But now parents are giving their sons Celtic/English names, too.

Top boys' names

1. Aidan/Aiden/Aden
2. Jaden/Jayden
3. Caden/Kaden
4. Ethan
5. Caleb
6. Dylan
7. Jacob
8. Jordan
9. Logan
10. Hayden

Top girls' names

1. Madison
2. Emma
3. Abigail
4. Riley
5. Chloe
6. Hannah
7. Alexis
8. Isabella
9. Mackenzie
10. Taylor

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