He's our pride and joy

It took months of persuading, but Jon Blake Cusack finally convinced his wife, Jamie, to let him have his way in naming their newborn son. First, you need to know that Cusack, who runs design and music businesses in Holland, Mich., is a software maven. The couple already had decided that the boy should bear his father's name, but dad said tacking "Jr." or even "II" on the end would be much too common. You can see where this is going, right? Right: The baby came into the world as Jon Blake Cusack 2.0.

I swear I didn't know I had it

Since the Democratic presidential candidates travel mostly on unscheduled charter flights, one might assume they can skip the airport security screenings the rest of us are subjected to. But no. Take US Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina. Last week, as he tried to board his plane in Albuquerque, N.M., authorities confiscated a penknife from him.

So popular, it has become a verb: Google is No. 1 brand

Leading Internet search engine Google was named global brand of the year by consulting firm Interbrand. It's the second straight title for Google, whose highly anticipated initial public offering in coming months is projected to raise perhaps $4 billion. Interbrand conducted an online poll of 4,000 users to compile the latest list. The 10 most popular brands and their categories:

1. Google, Mountain View, Calif. (search engine)
2. Apple, Cupertino, Calif. (computers, software)
3. Mini, a division of German automaker BMW
4. Coca-Cola, Atlanta (soft drinks)
5. Samsung, South Korea(home electronics)
6. Ikea, Helsingborg, Sweden (furniture, accessories)
7. Nokia, Espoo, Finland (cellphones)
8. Nike, Beaverton, Ore. (athletic wear, leisurewear)
9. Sony, Tokyo(consumer electronics)
10. Starbucks, Seattle (specialty coffees) - Reuters

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