Mike Rowe 1, Microsoft 1 (tie)

If you've been following the saga of the software giant and the British Columbia teenager who ended up in its crosshairs, be advised that it has a happy ending. Oh, you haven't? Well, in a nutshell, lawyers for Micro-soft served Mike Rowe with a 25-page cease-and-desist order (and threatened further legal action) for daring to register his small website design business under the domain name Not unless I'm paid $10,000 to rename the site, he fired back. Perhaps due to the glare of news media attention - not to mention the potential for public relations damage - the company then offered such goodies as full reimbursement for his expenses, a free subscription to its product-development site, a tour of its Redmond, Wash., headquarters, and an Xbox console. The deal was accepted, and the small business soon will have a new URL:

Britain's top celebrities? Try American film, pop stars

Although he now plays for Spain's Real Madrid team, British soccer icon David Beckham remains the most popular celebrity in his native country, results of a new survey show. But the list is dominated by American film stars and musicians. University of Leicester researchers quizzed 2,500 people for a study on fan obsession with public figures. The top 10 celebrities in Britain, according to the survey:

1. David Beckham (British soccer star)
2. Brad Pitt (American actor)
3. Justin Timberlake (American singer)
4. Michael Jackson (American singer)
5. Jennifer Lopez (American actress-singer)
6. Robbie Williams (British singer)
7. Orlando Bloom (British actor)
8. Britney Spears (American singer)
9. Keanu Reeves (American actor)
10. Angelina Jolie (American actress)
- Associated Press

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