After what you did to me ...

There's mother love, and then there's what happened when a Vancouver, Wash., woman retrieved her son's car, dog, and other items from police after he was arrested in a traffic stop Jan. 1. Among the latter: $500 in bills that he asked her to use to cover his bail. Alas, they turned out to be counterfeit - and not especially good fakes at that. Mom herself isn't being prosecuted, but her son now is in even deeper trouble. And to make matters worse, she refuses to spend any real cash to spring him from jail.

Theater owners give thanks for 'almighty' star Carrey

Actor Jim Carrey of the comedy "Bruce Almighty" was last year's top box-office draw, according to a survey of theater owners by the Quigley Publishing Co. The Groton, Mass., company has been conducting its survey annually since 1932. Nicole Kidman ("Cold Mountain," "The Human Stain") took second place. Tom Hanks ranked eighth even though he released no films last year. Meanwhile, exhibitors projected Ashton Kutcher ("Cheaper by the Dozen," "Dude, Where's My Car?") and Scarlett Johansson ("The Horse Whisperer") as their "stars of tomorrow." The 10 who made the most money for theaters in 2003:

1. Jim Carrey
2. Nicole Kidman
3. Jack Nicholson
4. Tom Cruise
5. Julia Roberts
6. Johnny Depp
7. Russell Crowe
8. Tom Hanks
9. Will Ferrell
10. Renée Zellweger -

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