Hey, he was safe with me

Australian wildlife expert Steve Irwin, who gained fame for his "Crocodile Hunter" cable-TV series, is wrestling a tough new adversary: child-welfare advocates. Many of them were outraged at a recent broadcast that showed Irwin holding his infant son while hand-feeding a 13-foot crocodile at his reptile park. Some compared the incident to Michael Jackson dangling his son from a hotel window in 2002. In a TV interview, Irwin insisted the event was carefully planned and did not endanger the child. Asked how he'd do things differently, he said: "I'd make sure there were no cameras around."

But I meant it in a good way

Zambia's government wants to give Roy Clarke a free plane ticket. The catch? It's one way, to his native Britain. Reason: The newspaper columnist referred to President Levy Mwanawasa as a "foolish elephant" after his visit to a game reserve and called two ministers "baboons." At last report, Clarke was in hiding and had won a court order blocking the deportation. But Home Affairs Secretary Peter Mumba, one of the ministers Clarke criticized, vowed: "We'll fish him out even if he is hiding in a spider hole."

Top names for newborns in Britain? Jack and Emily

Jack was the most popular name for newborn boys in England and Wales in 2003, retaining the top spot for a ninth straight year. The lead choice for girls, according to a newly released list by Britain's Office for National Statistics, was Emily. Biblical and otherwise traditional names as well as those associated with popular TV shows also made strong showings. The top 10 in each category last year:

Boys / Girls
1. Jack Emily
2. Joshua Ellie
3. Thomas Chloe
4. James Jessica
5. Daniel Sophie
6. Oliver Megan
7. Benjamin Lucy
8. Samuel Olivia
9. William Charlotte
10. Joseph Hannah - Associated Press

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