I'd just spend it on myself

There are people who make a show of giving money away, and then there's what happened when a 20-something did so earlier this week in Nagoya, Japan. "I have too much," he said. "I wanted to give some back to the world." So he tossed almost $10,000 worth of bills from the observation deck of a 330-foot-high TV tower, sending people scrambling for them in the streets below. Despite the chaos, police said no laws were broken.

Forking over high marks for food in airport restaurants

Planning to fly somewhere over the holidays? With more and more airlines discontinuing in-flight meals or offering only pay-as-you-go food service, travelers increasingly are falling back on airport restaurants for a bite to eat. Bad news? Not according to the latest annual survey on "healthy entrées" at the 15 largest US airports by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Its nutritionists awarded points for cholesterol-free, high-fiber, low-fat menu choices - say, a veggie burger - then obtained a percentage for each airport by dividing the eateries offering those by the overall number of its dining places. The winner: Denver. The top 10 and their percentages:

1. Denver 83%
2. San Francisco 82
3. Chicago O'Hare 71
4. Detroit 70
5. Miami 68
6. Houston 64
7. Newark, N.J. 60
8. Atlanta 59
9. New York Kennedy 57
10. Seattle-Tacoma 51

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