it doesn't matter anymore

When Tariq Aziz was deputy prime minister of Iraq, he appeared more often as his country's representative than anyone else except Saddam Hussein. As the regime collapsed, Aziz disappeared but soon surrendered to US forces. Since then, he hasn't been in the news much, until now. An Arab-language newspaper reports that in recent letters to his scattered family he has been referring to his younger son - named Saddam in honor of you-know-who - as "Zuhair."

'if only i could do it over': the top 'PR' blunders of 2003

Fox News channel's decision last summer to sue liberal author Al Franken for trademark infringement is the "winner" of 2003's worst-publicity award in an annual compilation by San Francisco-based Fineman Public Relations. The suit, accusing Franken and his publisher of using Fox's protected slogan, "Fair and Balanced" without permission, was thrown out of court and pumped up sales of the book "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them." The top gaffes, as ranked by Fineman:
1. Fox News sues Al Franken
2. $1 million Pentagon program to project casualties from future terrorist attacks
3. Lavish videotaped birthday party for the wife of disgraced Tyco International chief Dennis Kozlowski
4. Pop icon Michael Jackson defending his behavior with children who are not his own
5. Dixie Chicks expressing shame that President Bush is from their home state
6. American Airlines' secret executive-bonus program, which came to light as the carrier was seeking $1.6 billion in givebacks from its employees
7. KFC's TV ads claiming fried chicken can be part of a low-fat diet
8. "Ghettopoly," the video game that caricatured the late Rev. Martin Luther King
9. Former New York Stock Exchange chief Richard Grasso's defense of his $140 million compensation
10. SiteFinder, the Internet aid that directed lost surfers to an advertising site owned by VeriSign, controller of the .com and .net databases

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