Intelligence information found with Saddam Hussein has led to the arrest of "several hundred" Iraqi insurgents, including suspected cell leaders, Gen. Richard Myers told "Fox News Sunday." The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was in Baghdad last week. In a separate interview on CBS-TV's "Face the Nation," Myers said about 100,000 US troops probably will remain in Iraq through the end of next year. "The plan is, right now, for about that number," Myers said. Meanwhile, Time magazine honored "The American Soldier" as its Person of the Year for 2003.

Calls were mounting for the resignation of Connecticut Gov. John Rowland (R), with the state's largest newspaper, The Hartford Courant, adding its voice in an editorial Sunday. After previous denials, Rowland admitted last week that employees, friends, and state contractors - some of them linked to a federal corruption probe - had paid for renovations on his summer home. He has apologized for lying, but insists he will not step down.

Fifty-five percent of Americans surveyed support a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, The New York Times reported. The nationwide poll was conducted jointly by the paper and by CBS News and follows a Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling ordering the state to grant the benefits of marriage to homosexual partners who want it. The issue will figure prominently in next year's presidential election, the Times predicted.

The son of former Vice President Gore was charged with marijuana possession following a traffic stop Friday by police in Bethesda, Md. Albert Gore III allegedly was driving without his lights on. Two passengers also were arrested on similar charges. All were released pending trial.

After months of wrangling, two architects and New York leaders unveiled final plans Friday for a soaring glass skyscraper at the site of the destroyed World Trade Center. The redesigned Freedom Tower will feature criss-crossing cables and a spire meant to evoke the nearby Statue of Liberty, officials said. At 1,776 feet, it will also be the world's tallest building. Taiwan's Taipei 101 tower currently holds the record.

Two teens were in juvenile detention after threatening to kill high school athletes on a web site, police in American Fork, Utah, said. Another student reported the site to a teacher, who, in turn, told authorities. A police official said one of the youths had asked for a gun for Christmas, which his father bought, but "the kid ... was obviously not going to get it."

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