Point of view: On the road again

"The road goes ever on and on..." I am often reminded of J.R.R. Tolkien's poem as I leave my home for an assignment. The beginning of the journey is a blank canvas waiting to be painted with color and life. Whom will I meet? What will I see? Will I be able to capture compelling images that give people insights into the world around them? With the election season under way, I'm now spending much of my time in places like Iowa and New Hampshire, following candidates who dream of being president. My latest trip landed me on a big bus lumbering down the open road in Iowa. I grew up in Kansas, so I love and appreciate the landscape of the plains. The vast openness is punctuated by neatly painted and organized farms. It's as soothing to me as the oceans lapping at the coasts.

The days are long, but the challenge of filling the canvas of the journey keeps me energized. Some days, everything works to perfection. Other days are filled with frustration. When I arrive back home, I am glad to be home. But I soon grow eager to continue exploring the road that goes ever on and on.

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