A Week's Worth

• Giddyap! Just when the recovery looked strong, the economy turns out to be galloping ahead at an even faster annual clip: 8.2 percent growth instead of 7.2 percent, according to the government's latest revision of third-quarter gross domestic product. The factors: stronger business investment in new equipment and software, less severe cuts in companies' inventories, and a whopping 22.7 percent jump in spending on residential projects. That's the best showing since 1984. Seasonally adjusted, new jobless claims declined to the lowest level since January 2001.

• Reform step: At the center of the mutual-fund scandal for alleged market timing and other trades, Putnam Investments is cleaning up another procedure. The company told regulators it will stop steering business to brokers as a reward for selling its funds. The practice has attracted regulators' attention and caused at least one investment company, Morgan Stanley, to pay $50 million to settle related allegations.

• Micropayments: Would you pay a penny to see this page online? Several firms, including VISA USA, are reviving the idea of a minipayment system for the Internet. Boosters say online business would boom. Current transaction costs make credit-card payments under $1 prohibitive.

• Name, please: ResumeDoctor.com found in a study that more than half of job applicants' online files were named something other than the applicant's name, such as resume.doc. Sorting through such anonymous files gives recruiters fits. Word to the wise: Use your name as the label.

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