Tuning in

Saturday, Nov. 22

Eloise at Christmastime (ABC, 8-10 p.m.): Julie Andrews and Sofia Vassilieva are back as Nanny and the worst behaved goodhearted 6-year-old on the planet. This outing features a much better script and better acting on the part of little Vassilieva than the first "Eloise at the Plaza." A tender love story about the beautiful daughter of the owner of the Plaza and a waiter is just goofy enough to work as a family holiday story. Naturally, with Eloise's help, love triumphs.

Sunday, Nov. 23

Faking It (BBC America, 8-9 p.m.): The new season of the best "reality" show on TV does more than "Fear Factor" or "Survivor" to spark our interest in genuine courage. A punk rocker who can't read music finds himself tutored by some of the world's best conductors in order to "fake out" an audience and judges at a formal concert. Other episodes highlight an insurance salesman transformed into a stuntman and a female kick-boxer who trips the light fantastic as a ballroom dancer.

Fallen Angel (CBS, 9-11 p.m.): Hallmark Hall of Fame shows are all emotionally gripping, sentimental, and completely predictable. No matter, this one stars Gary Sinise, who would be enthralling washing dishes. A man estranged from his handyman father, he returns to his hometown in Maine after his father's death. Clearing up his dad's desk, he comes upon the name of a woman he had met when both were children, and uncovers a secret about her family.

Monday, Nov. 24

Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS, 9-9:30 p.m.): Just in time for Thanksgiving, Ray's thoughtless family visits Amy's parents (Georgia Engel and Fred Willard). Chris Elliot guest stars as Amy's brother. Hypocrisies leap up like frogs in a pond, as each family's holier-than-thou attitude makes the others resentful - and nasty.

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