And the winner is ...

Last week, in Mafikeng, South Africa, the last nine entries - out of an initial field of more than 3,000 - in the first Mr. Africa Pageant lined up to hear the decision of the judges. Organizers said the event was aimed at showcasing the diversity of the continent's modern man. Contestants had to demonstrate not only a knowledge of their own cultures but also each others' as a way of helping to "unite all Africans." Now, Africa has scores of cultures and a rainbow of ethnic groups. In fact, the finalists came from nine different countries. So you might assume the champion would be black. Nope. He's white, but couldn't be prouder of where he's from, telling reporters: "Everyone born in Africa is an African."

Business district: It's one way you should think of Asia, new study says

Hong Kong placed first, the rest of China tied for fourth, and Colombia was ranked last in the latest "emerging markets potential index" by the Center for International Business Education and Research at Michigan State University. The semiannual index ranks 24 economies - mostly countries - on criteria such as market size and growth rate, commercial infrastructure, economic freedom, and risk. The top and bottom five, and their respective scores, out of a possible 100:

Top markets
1. Hong Kong 100
2. Singapore 95
3. South Korea 94
4. Israel (tie) China 84
Bottom markets
20. Philippines 21
21. South Africa 20
22. Venezuela (tie)
Argentina 5
24. Colombia 1 - Scribe Newswire

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