Hey, this is not a joke

Question: What do you do - if you're on a county board of supervisors - when motorists are ignoring the familiar black and white speed-limit signs on your public roads? Answer: If it's Burlington County, N.J., you try a little humor. So, on a trial basis, brightly colored signs are being erected along the most problematic roads that encourage drivers to shape up or face the consequences. For instance, one reads: "Free Speeding Tickets Ahead." Says another: "Meet Our Judge; Exceed 25 m.p.h." If the signs prove effective, lots more may be put up. Burlington is the state's largest county and is a busy corridor between New York and Philadelphia.

China's Bill Gates? Internet mogul tops 2003 rich list

In another sign of China's technology growth, William Ding Lei, founder of, tops a list of the richest entrepreneurs on the mainland. The annual survey, compiled by Shanghai-based researcher Rupert Hoogewerf and published this year by Asiamoney magazine, is regarded as a barometer of the communist nation's economy and reforms. Honorees don't always welcome a mention, as some have faced scrutiny by tax officials. Asiamoney's top 10 tycoons in China, the sources of their wealth, and estimated worth (in millions):

1. William Ding Lei; Internet games, text messaging $900
2. Larry Rong Zhijian (and family); aviation, real estate, communications 850
3. Xu Rongmao; real estate 820
4. Lu Guanqiu; auto parts and finance 650
5. Chen Lihua; real estate, sandalwood museum (tie) Liu Yonghao; animal feed, finance, real estate (tie) Eddie Ye Lipei; real estate 580
8. Sun Guangxin; natural gas, real estate, building materials 510
9. Liu Yongxing; animal feed, metals 500
10. Chen Tianqiao; online games 480
(tie) Zhu Mengyi (and family); real estate - Associated Press

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