OK, so I lied

Next time you hear a major public figure announce his retirement so he'll have time to go fishing, think of Wim Duisenberg. That's what the chief of Europe's Central Bank said was his "only wish" when he revealed he'll leave his post later this year. Apparently, he didn't mean to be taken seriously. We know this because reporters asked at a recent meeting if he was looking forward to getting out with his rod and reel this fall. "No, too cold," Duisenberg said. Well, what about when the weather turns warmer? "No." OK, then, does he fish at all? "No."

You'll be safe here

Security was extra tight earlier this month in Manila to help keep conventioneers - out for a night on the town - from falling prey to roving thieves. Officers were ordered to "preempt unscrupulous elements from victimizing our foreign visitors." Must have been pretty special folks: Who were they? Delegates to a conference of Asian police chiefs.

Golden boys: Ranking US's richest young entrepreneurs executives dominate Fortune magazine's latest annual ranking of the richest Americans under 40. Moreover, in another sign of a turnaround for the industry, those on the 2003 list substantially increased their net worth after experiencing declines the previous year. Fortune's 10 wealthiest young Americans, their respective companies, and their estimated wealth (in billions unless otherwise noted):

1. Michael Dell, Dell Computer $17.12
2. Pierre Omidyar, eBay 7.06
3. Jeffrey Bezos, 4.85
4. Jeff Skoll, Skoll Foundation 3.85
5. David Filo, Yahoo! 1.45
6. Jerry Yang, Yahoo! 1.28
7. Sergey Brin, Google (tie) Larry Page, Google 900 million
9. Daniel Snyder, Washington Redskins 740 million
10. Ken Griffin, Citadel Investment Group 725 million - Business Wire

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