Let me deal with him, judge

The long arm of the law recently reached out and caught Chris Fenwick in the act as he spray-painted graffiti on the underside of a bridge in London. So what happened next: a fine? Perhaps a sentence of X-number of hours of community service? Actually ... neither. Would you believe a job in a luxury hotel? It turns out that the general manager of the five-star Corinthia Towers in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, heard of Fenwick's artistic prowess and offered him - on the spot - a job decorating its taproom and other interior spaces with designs of his own choosing, using, of course, spray paint. The walls now sport such images as guests dodging suitcases. At last word, the management is highly pleased, too, describing the work as "an instant hit."

US is far from alone among likely terrorist targets: study

It is "highly likely" that terrorists will attempt another Sept. 11-style attack in the US next year, but other countries are at even greater risk, according to London's World Markets Research Center, which assessed 186 countries for its latest Global Terrorism Index. Among the criteria: the motivation and capabilities of terrorist groups, their proximity to their probable targets, and the preventive measures in place against them. The nations rated likeliest targets in the next 12 months:

1. Colombia
2. Israel
3. Pakistan
4. US
5. Philippines
6. Afghanistan
7. Indonesia
8. Iraq
9. India
10. Britain (tie) Sri Lanka
- Associated Press, Brisbane (Australia) Courier-Mail

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