Oh, yeah? Well, you're a twit

How would you like it if people called you "bimbo"? Lars Taylor does. Well, enough anyway that he fought to protect his ownership of a website with that name in it against a legal challenge from a multibillion-dollar bakery/consumer products conglomerate that's huge in Spanish-speaking countries. Grupo Bimbo S.A. of Barcelona, Spain, hauled the Californian before the UN's copyright agency, the World Intellectual Property Organization, alleging that his site is a fake and that his only intention was to sell it at a profit. The company cares because it happens to own such URLs as and (for España, or Spain). Not so, Taylor countered, arguing successfully that the word is too common to be trademarked. What's more, he pledged to tailor the still-blank site to the "adult, novelty, and humor" market and not use it to peddle bread, cakes, or tortillas.

And the winner is: ranking the US's best sports cities

Los Angeles and Anaheim, Calif., which produced the 2002 World Series champion Angels, the National Hockey League's Stanley Cup runner-up Mighty Ducks, and college football's latest Heisman Trophy winner, Carson Palmer, jointly were chosen as the best sports city in the US by The Sporting News. The magazine's rankings take into account such criteria as the number of professional sports franchises and major college teams in each market, how well they performed, and "fan fervor." The top 10 sports cities for 2003, and their ranks last year (in parentheses):

1. Los Angeles/Anaheim,Calif. (6)
2. New York/Long Island/ northern New Jersey (3)
3. Oakland/San Francisco/ San Jose, Calif. (2)
4. Philadelphia (5)
5. Dallas/Fort Worth. Texas (8)
6. Boston (1)
7. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn. (16)
8. Tampa/St. Petersburg, Fla. (22)
9. Detroit (4)
10. Denver (12)

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