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Webcams monitor Biloxi students

BILOXI, MISS. - Students in Biloxi public schools started classes last week under the watchful eye of webcams that will keep track of every classroom and hallway. School and security officials said they believed Biloxi is one of the first districts in the nation to install cameras in every classroom.

Biloxi started installing the cameras two years ago, and now that the project is complete, there are more than 500 cameras in district schools, said Deputy Superintendent Robert Voles. The cameras, which don't record sound, are contained in circular domes on the ceiling, giving a sweeping view of the classrooms.

Not so quiet on the western front

ABIDJAN, IVORY COAST - Students smashed car windows and pelted Ivory Coast's presidential buildings with stones last week, demanding compensation for a year of school they lost due to civil war, which officially ended July 4. Police arrested at least three youths, but students vowed to take to the streets again in the coming days if their demands are not met.

Web Smarts


What: Homelessness. Youth rights. Curfews. Gun violence. Don't like it? Youthnoise.com invites you to sound off and take action at this online forum produced for teens around the world.

Best Points: The goal: "To inspire, connect, and empower youth to help young people everywhere by volunteering, fund raising, and speaking out."

Are high school exams necessary? Is teen dieting out of control? What is it like to grow up in a developing nation? These are but a sampling of the issues this site encourages teens to consider.

And yet, while 2 out of every 3 teens say they want to help solve at least a few of the world's problems, most have never been asked what they think or how they might contribute to a cause. Youthnoise.com offers an opportunity to learn, to connect with other teens, and to explore global and community activism.

What you should know: Finally, a site for kids without advertising. However, be sure to do your homework first. This is but one resource and may be biased on certain issues or give preference to teens who harbor certain viewpoints.

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