Who says fast-food outlets are all alike? Check these

Despite continuous campaigns on behalf of healthier diets, people across the US clearly still love burgers, fries, and other forms of fast food. On average, more than 290,000 of them buy meals in such outlets every hour of every day, according to the Travel Channel. And that doesn't count patrons elsewhere in the world. The popular cable-TV channel's producers recently went on a quest to find and rate the world's best fast-food eateries. The channel's top 10, their locations, and distinguishing features:

1. Wendy's, North Pole, Alaska: keeps a Christmas theme year-round
2. Burger King, Camp Bondsteel, a base for US peacekeepers in Kosovo
3. Arby's, Hickory, N.C., which features "biker night" for motorcyclists every Thursday
4. McDonald's, Pitea, Sweden. It has a drive-up window for snowmobilers.
5. Kentucky Fried Chicken, Corbin, Ky.: the original Colonel Sanders Cafe
6. Sonic Drive-In, Abilene, Texas; features carhops on roller skates
7. Burger King, Buenos Aires: a former millionaire's mansion that has priceless artwork on the walls
8. Subway, Alexandria, Va. Inside the Pentagon, it requires a high-security clearance.
9. Taco Bell, Pacifica, Calif. It's on the beach and has a walk-up window for surfers.
10. McDonald's on Broadway, New York. It offers a doorman, waiters, ketchup served on silver trays, and live serenades by a pianist.

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