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What: Explore the history and architecture of castles, medieval and modern, through dozens of photographs, discussion groups, detailed blueprints, and charts.

Best points: "Castles of the World" caters to all age groups, with sections for teachers, students grades K-6 and 7-12, and even couples scouting out wedding or honeymoon destinations.

While www.castles.org won't win any awards for Web design - navigating the site's many sections isn't exactly smooth sailing - visitors will find a plethora of information at their fingertips.

Click on "Parts," "Inside," and "People" to learn about the construction of castles, the titles of people who look after them (atilliator, chaplain, squire, etc.), and crosses, swords, and icons crafted in the style of traditional Byzantine art.

What you should know: Advertisements for tour groups and vacation packages are sprinkled throughout this site, as well as plugs for books to read and castles to buy. Keep in mind that this site was designed for castle enthusiasts, not for students; children, while not the target market, may stumble upon several advertisements.

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