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Sunday 7/27

Singing in the Shadow: The Children of Rock Royalty (Bravo, 9-11 p.m.): When James Taylor sang "You Make It Easy," he probably wasn't talking about children and their famous parents. Louis Osbourne, the forgotten son of Ozzy, tried to work in the Hollywood shadow of his father, but ended up returning to England and sanity. Sally Taylor (James Taylor and Carly Simon) moved to Boulder, Colo., to get away from the music business and still make music. But then there are sweet reunions. When the adopted James Raymond discovered that his birth father is David Crosby, he went to see him, and now they sing together. The most uplifting story is that of Arlo Guthrie and his brood of singer/songwriters, who continue the family tradition started by Arlo's dad - Woody - making music that matters.

Monday 7/28

The Designing Women Reunion (Lifetime, 8-9:30 p.m.): Jean Smart tells a funny story about how she flirted with her future husband on the set of "Designing Women," and Delta Burke jokes about her past depression and weight problem. In a heartwarming special, Burke, Dixie Carter, Annie Potts, and Smart dish about the show that was voted in a recent TV poll as the fifth most popular CBS series of all time. It is also mentioned that "Designing Women" director Harry Thomason loved strong and smart female characters. If only there were more like him. TV-G

The Three Pickers: Legends of American Music (PBS, check local listings): For lovers of old-time Southern music, this special is the most delightful country and bluegrass concert in years. Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson, and Ricky Skaggs perform together for the first time. "Down in the Valley" (featured in "O Brother, Where Art Thou?") is among the fine old tunes. The music is sweet as fresh-picked peaches in late summer.

Wednesday 7/30

Peacemakers (USA, 9-10:30 p.m., new series continues Wednesdays at 10 p.m.): Call it "CSI" on horseback: a forensics whodunit set in the Wild West around the turn of the century - just as the telephone and fingerprints become handy tools for tracking criminals. An arrogant Pinkerton agent (Peter O'Meara) has been sent to help Federal Marshal Jared Stone (Tom Berenger) solve murders using new techniques and old-fashioned common sense. Well-written and quite witty.

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